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Kamala Harris Morning Hustle. 2.national treasure and acclaimed border security specialist kamala harris made a special appearance on the morning hustle with headkrack & lore’l, during her segment, harris was asked to explain russia’s invasion of ukraine “in layman’s terms.”. Her remarks about them have helped to make kamala harris the morning hustle viral , despite the fact that it isn’t received with much appreciation.

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people wonder if kamala’s drunk at wh event: We got the opportunity to speak with vice president kamala harris who gave us the latest update on the ukraine vs. 2.previously, kamala harris made an appearance around the morning hustle and commented on a number of issues, such as the current conflict between russia and ukraine.

2.Previously, Kamala Harris Made An Appearance Around The Morning Hustle And Commented On A Number Of Issues, Such As The Current Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine.

1.vice president kamala harris tried to explain how russia’s invasion of ukraine could impact americans, and it did not go well for her. On her interview in the morning show the morning hustle, kamala harris was asked to provide her views on the current tension that is brewing between. she is last month on radio show “the morning hustle” explaining to host headkrack — known on his driver’s license as lester ruffin — what the ukraine conflict was about “in layman’s terms.” i don’t usually refer to infants as “laymen,” which is why harris’ explanation didn’t quite sit well with me (or many others):

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“ukraine is a country in europe. 2.kamala harris also appeared recently on the show. Let’s talk about all the pertinent aspects of this query that are getting traction in the following:

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“ukraine is a country in europe. We got the opportunity to speak with vice president kamala harris who gave us the latest update on the ukraine vs. 1.vice president kamala harris got ruthlessly mocked on social media tuesday for her simplistic explanation of russia's invasion of ukraine.

It’s No Secret That Millions Of Americans Are Wondering Just How The Global Conflict Will Effect Our Everyday Lives.

This is kamala harris on a radio show called “the morning hustle” explaining the ukraine/russia conflict as if she’s speaking to 2nd graders. 1.kamala harris was asked to explain the russia/ukraine conflict during an appearance on “the morning hustle” on tuesday. New southern accent, swaying, and her bizarre statement.

1.Kamala Harris Says Ukraine Is A Country, And The Time To Do What We’re Doing.

“ukraine is a country in europe. It exists next to another country. “the morning hustle” host asked kamala harris to break down the russia/ukraine conflict and she responded by talking down to him and his audience.

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